Affiliated Ministries

The Church at War Hill - Real. Love. Now.

The Church at War Hill

The Church @ War Hill, located on the South Dawson/ North Forsyth County line, is an energetic and dynamic church dedicated to bringing real help to real people. War Hill stays relevant to its surrounding community by re-defining the church experience with non-traditional elements, like upbeat music, humor, and illustrations from everyday life. While the message of the Bible is unchanging, the methods used to bring that message to people’s lives certainly are not!

Victory 91.5fm - The Sound of Revival

Victory 91.5fm

Victory 91.5fm is a not-for-profit radio ministry located in North Georgia. Through its continued efforts of spreading the saving message of Jesus Christ, millions of people hear sound biblical teaching, uplifting worship, and opportunities for advancing the kingdom every day.

God has blessed Victory 91.5fm with a community of listeners that not only includes the North Georgia area, but people from over 160 countries world-wide through the assistance of Internet streaming. Jesus said to "Go out into all the world" and Victory 91.5fm is doing just that.

RLN Global - Real. Love. Now.

RLN Global

RLNGlobal is a not-for-profit ministry based out of Dawsonville, Georgia dedicated to extending the reach of the local church across borders and into the lives of the hurting and lost of the world.

Our founder, Dr. Don Allen, and the local congregation he serves, have watched for many years as God has increased their connections to missionaries and organizations around the globe. As this global network became more extensive, numerous local churches began to express their desire to be a part of this network as well.